KumpasKumpas is a producer, musician, rapper and dabbler. His formal musical training began on the piano at the age of seven. A few years later he transitioned to trumpet then music theory. Although an affection for hip hop had been brewing for many years, it wasn't until the very end of the 20th century that he began writing and making beats. He has been heavily influenced by other independant artists as well as the multidiciplinary hip hop culture as a whole. For over a decade, Kumpas has been steadily creating new music and collaborating with artists from the states and beyond while living in Seattle, WA, Bozeman, MT, Palmer, AK and now St Paul, MN.

Kumpas has produced five albums for his group Silent Sabotuers, four solo albums, several collaborative projects, and many other songs. From old records to live instruments, beat machines to drum kits, anything that makes sound is fair game for a Kumpas production. Kumpas is a lyricist at heart and focuses on both the message and the delivery of his verses. His style is developed, but continues to evolve as he pushes his own limits through innovation, experimentation and old fashioned hard work. Stay in touch... Kumpas always has a handful of irons in the musical fire while also performing much of the administration, design and management duties of Gorilla Dust Records.




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