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By: Pinniped Headnod
Features: Ed Text, Mercy Dean Cofield Jr, Shredder Llewellyn and Optix 16
File Info: (10 tracks, 64.5 MB, includes art)
About: Pinniped Headnod is a collaborative group of musicians with backgrounds in various genres that came together in Alaska. Bhava includes Kumpas, J Rodda, Samoan Sam, Tyler Shear, Bryson Andres, and J Roam.
Silhouettes Through Shadows
By: Kumpas & Optix16
Features: Kas Solo, Ed Text, Tyler Shear, Renee, 2BDetermined, J Rodda, & Wrenchsays
File Info: (10 tracks, 35.9 MB, includes art)
About: Join Optix16 and Kumpas as they explore shadows to find the silhouettes hiding within them.
Kumpas, J Rodda, Samoan Sam, & Bryson Andres
File Info: (6 tracks, 17.8 MB)
About: We EP is a continuous fusion of drums by J Rodda, samples and raps by Kumpas, bass and guitar by Samoan Sam, and violin by Bryson Andres. They all collaborated to write and produce the entire album from start to finish in just 49 hours at the Farm Loop Studio in Palmer, Alaska in the summer of 2011.
Death By Thr33s, Volume 1
Maulskull and Silent Sabotuers
Features: Produced by Maulskull
File Info: (3 tracks, 26.9 MB)
About: This is the first volume in a series of several, three track "ThreE.P." style releases from the extended Black Mask family of artists. Each artist or group of artists were given three instrumentals produced by Maulskull of Black Mask and given six weeks to write, record and send them back with verses. A total of 17 artists were involved from three different states and regions. Visit Blackmask to download the rest of the project.
Wolf Pack
Ed Text, Optix 16, Kumpas, Noby One, and Savage Christ
Features: Production by Savage Christ. Cuts by Noby One.
File Info: (1 track, 3.6 MB)
About: The wolf pack claim this fresh kill.
Fresh Powder
Noby One
File Info: (1 track, 5.4 MB)
About: Fresh Powder is an instrumental track produced by Noby One and is from the album Winter Shivers by the Silent Sabotuers.The entire Winter Shivers album can be purchased from digital retailers such as iTunes or at the on-line GDR store.
Cristmas Co-op [explicit]
Kumpas, Optix 16, Savage Christ, Ed Text, Noby One, & Samoan Sam
File Info: (1 track, 5.2 MB)
About: GDR wishes you Happy Holidays! This full length version of the song features 6 artists from 5 different states. See the video on You Tube. Download the edited version of the song here.
Hooplah For Scheff
Features: Production includes: The Soundsmith, Jimmy D, Kumpas, Drew Doe, Cadaver, Boston George, Fuzzy, Jaq, and Poison Palm.
Emcee's include: The Soundsmith, Ed Text, Kumpas, Optix16, Cadaver, Asei MT, and Kas Solo.
File Info: (14 tracks, 51.7 MB)
About: "Hooplah For Scheff" is the first official solo release for Scheff (Poet/Emcee/Chef). Most of these songs were composed in Scheff's spare time away from the restaurant business. The album includes collaborations with not only fellow emcee's, but also many producers from the Twin City's "Local Scene" that Scheff has been a part of for some time now.

Sold On Survival
Optix 16
Features: Production by Jimmy D, Poison Palm, Drew Doe, Ecid, Kumpas, and Cadaver. Vocals by Kumpas.
File Info: (14 tracks, 96.5 MB, includes art)
About: With the release of his new solo album, Sold On Survival, Optix16 has successfully created an audio documentation of distrust for authority, faith in optimism, and enjoyment of the simpler things in life. Long time cohort of Minneapolis rap team Enemy Entropist, Optix16 has broken away in proper solo fashion with an album that never falls short of delivering the goods. His verses are alive with vocal trickery and seem to perpetuate themselves on a wager of basic versus complex. SOS.
The Silent Sabotuers
Features: Vocals by Scheff, Optix 16, StoneWallet, and Ekus Onus. Production by Cadaver.
File Info: (15 tracks, 57.5 MB, includes art)
About: Agro was recorded between August of 2006 and August of 2007 during four road trips Ed Text made to from Minneapolis, MN to Bozeman, MT. 7,760 miles, all seasons, all weather, all road conditions, all hours, all good. Please enjoy this long awaited release next time you hit the highway. This download is free, however If you would like to support these artists a hardcopy can be purchased at the on-line GDR store.
Words Eye View
Features: Production by Jimmy D, Drew Doe, and Cadaver. Vocals by Scheff. Mixed and mastered by Samoan Sam.
File Info: (10 tracks, 51.6 MB, includes art)
About: Op Ed is Optix 16 and Ed Text. Please copy this album and share it with anyone who enjoys hearing people speak truth. Life is too fragile to ponder over lies. The power of our words eye view is in the thoughts that created them. Nobody can take away the free speach we cemented on the sidewalk of forever. This download is free however If you would like to support these artists, a physical CD of the album can be purchased at the on-line GDR store.
Cave Painters
The Wreckloose, For
File Info: (9 tracks, 60.3 MB, includes art)
About: Brujo, Rapname, Nobyleaver, and Kumpas created this album in the spring of 2007. The project was recorded in an analog cabin near Bozeman, MT. It is comprised of ten songs about life on the outskirts of towns, genres, scenes, and science. They spend their days in the sticks-sharpening knives and writing raps.
First Term
File Info: (12 tracks, 50.9 MB, includes art)
About: Mostly created in 2007-2008, this album fell to the wayside as Kumpas recovered from election fatigue. He ended up taking three year hiatus from politirap, but before long another election cycle reminded him that some things just don't change.
A Junction Fam Kinda Xmas Vol. 2
Poinsetta Players
Features: Jimmy D, Asei MT, Cadaver, Drew Doe, and Noby
Vocals By: Cadaver, Optix16, Ed Text, Jimmy D, NerveWrex, Asei MT, Vasco, Scheff, cornbread kracker, Megatron, ECID, xplycyt, rod, brujo, Noby1, and Kumpas

File Info: (21 tracks, 184.2 MB)
About: Recorded and released in Minneapolis, MN just in time for Christmas 2006.
A Junction Fam Kinda Xmas Vol. 2
File Info: (22 tracks, 148.2 MB)
About: Recorded and released in Minneapolis, MN just in time for Christmas 2007.
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